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2015 SEV membership form
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SEV on Twitter and new SEV teacher discussion lists

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National Close The Gap Day 2015

National Close The Gap Day is being held on Thursday 19th March, 2015.
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SEV Global Politics Planning Workshop, 4th December 2014, downloadable materials

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Expressions of interest - writers, presenters and researchers

Social Education Victoria provides professional development for teachers of VCE Australian & Global Politics, VCE Sociology and F-10 Civics and Citizenship. This educational support consists of lectures, workshops, online material and published textbooks. SEV also produces the quarterly journal Ethos.
SEV welcomes expressions of interest from teachers, writers and other education professionals who might like to work with SEV on pieces of work as required.
Please contact admin @ social education victoria, attention ‘Executive Officer’, for more details.



SEV VCE Teachers' Conference 2015

Date: Friday, 20 March 2015
Venue: Level 12, Karstens Conference Centre, 123 Queen St Melbourne

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VCE Australian and Global Politics keynote speaker: Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser AC CH. Malcolm Fraser served as Australia's 22nd Prime Minister from 1975 to 1983.

Malcolm Fraser was Australia’s 22nd Prime Minister. He began his term as caretaker Prime Minister on 11 November 1975, after Governor-General Sir John Kerr dismissed Gough Whitlam’s Labor government. The Fraser Coalition government was returned with the largest landslide of any federal election a month later, and remained in office until 1983.

Malcolm Fraser had an important influence on the changing relations of countries within the British Commonwealth, and on shaping Australia’s relations with the countries of East and Southeast Asia.

Since the mid 1980s he has been a key figure in Australia’s international and diplomatic relations. In 1987 Malcolm Fraser formed CARE Australia as part of the international CARE network of humanitarian aid organisations. His most recent book (with Cain Roberts) is Dangerous Allies, in which he argues that Australia should adopt a much greater degree of independence in foreign policy and calls for an end to Australia’s strategic dependence on other nations, in particular the USA.

VCE Sociology keynote speaker: Dr Anthony Moran, Senior Lecturer, College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University.

Anthony is a Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences, joining the Sociology Program in 2007. He teaches and researches in the areas of: multiculturalism, ethnicity and race, cosmopolitanism, community, nationalism and national identity, Australian political culture, Settler/Indigenous politics, globalisation, and social policy.

VCE Global Politics Resource Updates - 2015

These quarterly updates (one produced for each Area of Study) will help you and your students deal with the dynamic nature of Global Politics and ensure that your content and approaches are up to date.

Each edition will be specifically written for the Global Politics Study Design. They contain a mixture of up to date information, questions, activities and useful links and elaborate on relevant case studies. The updates will be sent as a PDF to be shared with students.

An edition of the Global Politics Resource Update will cost $25 individually. A subscription order for all four editions, placed in first term, will cost $90 (a saving of $10).

To download an order form, click here.


Memorial Boxes in 2015

Bookings for the Memorial Boxes are now being taken by phone. Please note that Box 1 (Australia in the First World War) is completely booked out until the booking period beginning Wednesday 27th May. Keen students of history will realise why this is so.

SEV Membership 2015

Social Education Victoria supports and represents teachers of the Humanities and social sciences at P-10 levels, and teachers of VCE Australian & Global Politics and VCE Sociology. Additionally, SEV supports teachers and students in Civics and Citizenship education, including in the facilitation of events such as the Schools’ Constitutional Student Conventions. SEV provides high standard professional learning, facilitates a range of student learning events and produces textbooks and web-based resources across a range of subjects.

Social Education Victoria is pleased to announce that there will be no prices rises for membership for 2015. Furthermore, pre-service teachers in both the primary and secondary sectors can obtain FREE membership to SEV for the duration of their full time study!

Membership benefits include:

  • Four copies of SEV’s professional journal, Ethos, and a quarterly newsletter
  • Discounts for SEV learning programs
  • Member-only access to online resources
  • Partnership bonuses
Membership renewal is now open. Existing members have been sent renewal forms. If you would like to become a member, please click here to download a subscription form.

Textbooks for 2015

SEV has produced a second edition Sociology Units 1&2 text for the 2015 school year. The text amalgamates the previous Units 1&2 text (author Pheona Donohoe) and the Units 1&2 student workbook (author Fiona Gontier) and has been revised with up to date content and activities.

Textbooks produced by SEV for the 2015 year are as follows:

VCE Australian and Global Politics Units 1 & 2
Second edition
Author: Kimberly Cornell
VCE Global Politics Units 3 & 4
Second edition
Author: Anna-Louise Simpson et. al.
VCE Sociology Units 1 & 2
Second edition
Authors: Fiona Gontier, Pheona Donohoe
VCE Sociology Units 3 & 4
Author: Fiona Gontier

The second editions of the Global Politics textbook and the Australian and Global Politics textbook have been reprinted. The Sociology Units 3&4 textbook has also been reprinted.

To download a 2015 order form for all SEV textbooks, click here.

Term 4 Ethos

Ethos for Term 4, 2014 is now available. This is our sixth all-digital edition, replete with clickable links and full-colour pictures. To download it, log in to the Members Area and click the icon indicated. The file is approximately 6.2MB in size.

SEV supplementary resource material

Textbook links
SEV has also compiled a list of links used in the textbooks for the new VCE Study Designs. This will enable students and teachers to easily locate the online resources referred to in the books. The files are available as downloadable PDFs for Australian and Global Politics on the page here, and for Global Politics on the page here. Files for links from the Sociology textbooks are available on the page here.

Case studies
SEV has produced a series of small case studies for Australian and Global Politics to complement the first edition textbooks. These can be downloaded from the members section.

This material was researched and compiled by Tia Spanos, who worked as an intern at SEV in 2011 as part of her Bachelor of International Relations at La Trobe University. Any opinions expressed are not necessarily the views held by SEV. We thank Tia for her research and effort in compiling information that relates to topics explored in the VCE Australian and Global Politics Study design.

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