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My digital footprint

man at computerWhat is my Digital Footprint?

Just like you leave a trail of footprints behind you in the sand, a digital footprint is all the pieces of information that you leave behind when you use the internet.

You probably have a Facebook account, you might have joined an online group, posted photos, chatted to friends online. All these require you to share some form of personal information.

But you can never be absolutely sure what will happen to the information you share on the internet. There are now many people who collect information about you in order to try to sell you something.

While you might think something that you’ve posted on the internet is personal, just between you and your friends, in reality the internet is one big public space that just about anyone with a computer can view.

Not only is it very public, it is also quite possibly permanent. Something you posted today might be kept for years to come – some people even say forever.

So think carefully about what you post online.

Ask yourself these questions about your own digital footprint:

  • What might somebody think about me from the information I have posted?
  • How might this information affect me in the future? For example if I was going for a job or applying for a university course?

How cybersmart are you?

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