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Active citizenship in schools

In school you are also a citizen, as a member of a class and a year level. Being a member of your school you have certain rights and responsibilities. You too can play a part in being an active citizen.

What are some of the opportunities that exist for active citizenship in your school? 

Types of active citizenship in school that you may already know include:

  • Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • Buddy programs
  • Student action teams
  • School leaders/captains

Although not everyone can be a member of the SRC or a school leader, effective class or home group meetings can give all students the opportunity to be active citizens and become involved. Class meetings can have an impact on the wider school by supporting the Student Representative Council (SRC) or other leadership programs.

Visit these websites to see how other schools have helped their students to become active citizens. Could you do something similar at your school?

Citizenship education at Lyneham Primary School

Parliamentary podcasts at Duffy Primary School

Environmental protection at Killlara Primary School

Tackling climate change at Christies Beach High School

Student action teams

You could form a student action team, which is a group of students who work on a community issue that inspires them to make a difference. As a team you work together to identify what needs to be changed, develop a plan and undertake action to achieve this change.

Visit these websites to see how student action teams have made a difference in their community.

Student action team stories – community safety in Melton

SALT program at Auburn South Primary School

Opportunities to get involved and communicate with other students

You could participate in online forums or communities that raise awareness and organise campaigns about issues. Many attempt to bring about positive change. Visit these sites to explore further.

Student virtual parliament - Australia

Red Cross Y Challenge

Taking IT Global


Teach Act Global – Student network

UNICEF – student clubs

UNICEF – Voices of youth blog

International Debate Education Association

National Schools constitutional convention,8980.html


Look through these resources for ideas that might inspire you to become an active citizen:

Australian Government - Civics and Citizenship website

Citizenship in a school context: Victorian Student Representative Council

Student Action Team Manual

Second Strike: Training for SRCs

Youth Central