SEV (Social Education Victoria) is a professional teaching association established in 1970. Our mission is to:

  • To promote, support and resource the teaching and learning of sociology, politics, civics and citizenship education.
  • To promote active and democratic citizenship and cultural understanding across communities.
  • To collaborate with relevant organisations, locally, nationally, regionally and globally.

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  • Student empowerment

    Published:29 August 2022
    Teachers know about, and believe in, student voice and agency, but when do we get the chance to learn about how to work in partnership with students? We’re delighted to be delivering a program where teachers get to work together t...
  • Islamic Museum of Australia

    Published:09 November 2021
    The Islamic Museum of Australia is a great resource – particularly for our Year 12 Sociology teachers. Check out what they have to offer here: IMA education program | IMA education portal | IMA education flyer
  • SEV’s on Auntie!

    Published:09 November 2021
    ABC has produced a great new series on the role that money plays in politics – we are so excited and there are so many curriculum links for Civics and Citizenship, Australian and Global Politics (especially Unit 1!) and Sociology...
  • New edition of Ethos available for members

    Published:12 August 2021
    SEV’s virtual conference ‘Teaching Tomorrow’s Citizens’ on 30 April this year saw us come together as a community of learners, even though ongoing restrictions meant we couldn’t see each other in person. In a continuing celebratio...
  • New Release: Free Sociology Teachers' Guide

    Published:17 March 2021
    Our Year 12 Sociology Teachers' Guide has been produced as a companion to our textbook: Sociology Units 3 & 4 (2nd Edition). It contains content overviews, case studies, learning activities and sample assessments. This resource is...
  • SEV opposes proposed increases in humanities fees

    Published:23 June 2020
    To advocate on behalf of our members across Victoria, SEV has issued a media release opposing the proposed changes to federal higher education funding that would see dramatic increases in fees for humanities subjects. Click here f...

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