SEV (Social Education Victoria) is a professional teaching association established in 1970. Our mission is to:

  • To promote, support and resource the teaching and learning of sociology, politics, civics and citizenship education.
  • To promote active and democratic citizenship and cultural understanding across communities.
  • To collaborate with relevant organisations, locally, nationally, regionally and globally.

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  • All Trial Exams now available

    Published:12 August 2019
    Exams for Global Politics, Australian Politics and Sociology are all now available. All orders received are now being filled. The exams are strictly for teachers only. To access the order form for Trial Exams, please login as a me...
  • Downloads for Global Politics Unit 4 Student Lectures

    Published:05 August 2019
    Downloadable materials from the SEV Global Politics Unit 4 Student Lectures are now available. To navigate to the downloads page, click here. Requires the password given out at the lectures.
  • Registrations for Exam Revision Lectures

    Published:23 July 2019
    SEV is now taking registrations for Exam Revision Lectures in October. Details have been sent to Global Politics, Australian Politics, and Sociology teachers. Online registration is now available via the following links – Global P...
  • Ethos back catalogue

    Published:25 March 2019
    SEV members can now access all editions of Ethos from 1994 onwards. Most editions prior to 2005 are scanned images in PDF format. To access, log in with your membership details, and select Resources > Ethos journals and Newsletter...

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