Learning event code of conduct

By participating in any of our events, you agree to abide by the following code of conduct:

Social Education Victoria (SEV) is committed to providing a professional, friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all professional learning participants, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin or any other protected attribute. 

All event participants are expected to help ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone. Any instances of those behaviours listed below will not be tolerated at any SEV events, and may lead to:

 1. being ‘muted’ without warning by facilitators (in the case of online events),

 2. ejection from a given session or event or

 3. exclusion from future SEV events.  

Unacceptable behaviour includes, but is not necessarily limited to: 

  • intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning speech or actions; 
  • harmful or prejudicial comments or images related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or other personal characteristics; 
  • inappropriate use of nudity and/or sexual images; 
  • real or implied threat of professional or financial damage or harm; 
  • inappropriate disruption of meetings or events, including repeated, uninvited interjections; 
  • downloading, taking screen shots, photography, video or audio recording of presentations without the explicit consent of presenters and/or SEV facilitators. 

Participants observing any of the behaviours listed above should alert event organisers immediately via .  

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