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New edition of Ethos available for members

SEV’s virtual conference ‘Teaching Tomorrow’s Citizens’ on 30 April this year saw us come together as a community of learners, even though ongoing restrictions meant we couldn’t see each other in person. In a continuing celebration of the expertise and generosity of our speakers, this special conference issue of Ethos features articles based on their presentations. Inside this issue: 

Australia in a changing Asia Pacific Professor Michael Wesley  

Teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in an online learning environment Kym Wilton 

Introduction to youth studies  Associate Professor Steven Threadgold 

Using Sociology Units 1& 2 to drive success in Units 3 & 4 Zoya Kitik  

Rights, Power, Action Sarah Kippen, Parliamentary Education Office, Canberra 

Helping students create the change they want to see: Engaging with Parliament Victoria Narelle Wood and Carolyn Scott 


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