Textbooks for 2024

We’re thrilled to be able to say that printing is almost complete for our new VCE Sociology 1+2 textbook – these will start to appear on bookshelves next week.

This year, for all of our texts, we are recommending that teachers order themselves a copy of new textbooks via their booklist provider (we’re flat out and will be unable to fulfill small orders ourselves – those of fewer than 5 texts – until February next year). We don’t supply gratis teacher copies – instead, we offer a bulk discount of 10% for orders of 10 or more textbooks, as well as our 25% discount for booksellers (some of the benefit of which we imagine they should pass on to you as a teacher if you're booklisting the text with them).

Please note – if you’re hoping to secure an eBook copy of any of our texts as part of a ‘bundle’, you will need to place an order with a bookseller who has an eBook platform (we don’t have one). We currently have eBook licensing agreements with the following providers, however if your school has a different preferred provider, the provider is very welcome to get in touch with us to discuss licensing.

lilydalebooks.com.au  |  campion.com.au  |  boxofbooks.com.au  | readcloud.com

Printing of the VCE Sociology 3+4 textbook is underway, which means it should be hitting shelves in the first few days of December.

VCE Politics 1+2 is running a bit later than we’d hoped, but nonetheless should be arriving with booksellers no later than 14 December. Teachers attending our Implementation seminar will be provided with key excerpts of the text in a PDF format to assist them with preparation for the day.