SEV's annual conference is an invaluable learning opportunity for teachers VCE Sociology and Politics, choc-full of exciting sessions, workshops and discussions for our community, including subject area streams and VCE assessors reports for these subjects.

This year, our conference is being held at the Melbourne Polytechnic Conference Centre in Preston on Friday 31 March 2023. This event will be fully catered; the venue has ample parking and is within short walking distance from Bell Station.

View the full conference program here.

This year's conference is being run as in-person only event (our first since 2020). Over the last 3 years we’ve gotten pretty comfortable with running our events online – these have unambiguously been a win for regional teachers, as well as those of us that often struggle to get the time off needed to attend professional development. For these reasons and more we’re very much committed to continuing using online methods as our ‘mainstay’. So... if you only attend one live PD in 2023, make it this one.

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