2024 Conference branding

We’re delighted announce that our VCE Conference will be taking place over two days on 16 and 17 April. These days will feature sessions supporting and guiding teachers in the introduction of new study designs for VCE Politics and VCE Sociology, as well as providing vital assessment reports from the 2023 VCAA exams. Our conference this year is online, we are alternating yearly between face-to-face and online events.


Tuesday 16 April:

Wednesday 17 April:


Sociology (VCE Units 3 and 4)

Politics (VCE Units 1 and 2)

Global Politics (VCE Units 3 and 4)  

Sociology (VCE Units 1 and 2)



Tickets are $200 for SEV members, and $300 for non-members.

A few questions you might have…

Why online? 
We're a statewide association, and a valued minority of our members are from non-metro schools. We’ve made the decision to alternate our VCE conferences – face-to-face one year and online the next to maximise the accessibility of our events. This also allows us to invite speakers from interstate and overseas, as well as offering both pre-recorded and live content.

Why over two days? 
The online format means that teachers’ way of engaging with our PD might be a bit different. We are also at a unique moment for our Politics teachers – many of you will be very keen to attend both the Unit 1 and 2 sessions and the Global Politics Units 3 and 4 sessions live, and we wanted to minimise clashes (if you can only attend one day, though, you'll be able to access recordings of everything).

Why not in Term 1? 
We know that our teachers are limited in the number of professional learning events they can access, and we did bring out a lot of you for the implementation seminars we ran in Parliament last December. In Term 1, we’re offering our Teachmeets in Term 1 to check-in with one another, discuss shared challenges and swap ideas. The conference taking place in early Term 2 will follow a more ‘formal’ PD format when more of our teachers will be able to attend.

We know that decisions we make about scheduling and delivery method won’t be optimal for everyone – feedback on how we can best meet your PD needs into the future is extremely welcome.