Discussion lists

SEV oversees four discussion lists for teachers. If you would like to be part of this useful tool for collegiality and idea sharing, please go to:

SEV discussion list advice

These discussion lists are for teachers to ask questions of their colleagues and share ideas. SEV reminds teachers that it does not necessarily endorse all ideas and responses mentioned in the lists and notes that teachers should not rely solely on advice or information offered here in the teaching of their subjects. Please contact the VCAA directly with queries that require more specific advice.

What are discussion groups?

Email-based discussion groups (also known as mailing lists or listservs) are cheap and effective ways of communicating ideas and news among people with similar interests quickly and widely.

Using email to communicate is not only easy to use, but you also do not have to be online at the same time as all the other members in order to receive messages. Best of all, discussion groups are almost always free!

Contributing to a list

Once you are subscribed, you will start receiving email messages from other members on the list. Many people like to 'lurk' when they first join a list (that is, they just read the messages without contributing any themselves).

Once you feel comfortable with the types of messages and information that get posted, you might feel happy to start to contribute your own ideas and news or simply ask questions that hopefully other members will be able to answer.

When you post a message to the mailing list address or reply to another member's message, every person on the mailing list will receive your message.

Internet etiquette (Netiquette)

Remember, you should never post any message that you would not be willing to send to your boss! Mailing list messages are public and legal documents which are easily archived, copied and forwarded to others. In addition, offensive or irrelevant comments may see you removed from a list.

SEV on Twitter

SEV is active on Twitter. To access this useful resource, go through the following steps.

Go to Twitter.com - you need an account to access Twitter.

You can search for SEV using the following Twitter handles.
Australian and Global Politics: @sev_agp
Sociology: @sev_soc

SEV Twitter advice

SEV posts and reposts articles of general interest to teachers. SEV reminds teachers to evaluate the content according to their individual and school needs and the relevance to their studies.
SEV is not responsible for the content and views expressed in third party material suggested to its followers.

SEV recommends the following articles as good introductions for teachers: