Make change happen project

Make Change Happen Project is a 6 month commitment to work on a student-led change project in your school, local community or even more globally. Students will decide on an area of change to work on and develop a project that needs to be documented as it goes along. The project can be as big or as little as the students are able to make it. As this is the first year of the project SEV will aim to assist you out as much as possible.

- Establish a team of students
- Decide on an issue to tackle or change
- Attend an inspiring facilitated workshop in Bendigo or Keilor Downs in March 2019
- Document the project as it moves along. This could be done as classwork and used to assess the students Civics and Citizenship knowledge and skills. It could also be used to address some of the capabilities such as interpersonal learning and critical and creative thinking, and in some cases ethical understanding depending on the project students choose. This could also be done during lunchtime or after school depending on the team of students you are working with.

SEV is hosting two workshops in March 2019.

Keilor Downs Secondary College
– 22 March 2019

Catherine McAuley College (Bendigo)
– 27 March 2019

Teams of students are encouraged to get involved in this Activate Ctizenship program.

To download a flyer for these events, click here.

  Make Change Happen 2019

It is recommended that you have read the Pre-Workshop Guide and the Teacher Checklist, before you register for this program as it requires ongoing school committment after the event.

MCH Preworkshop Guide    MCH Checklist


You can download relevant Make Change Happen documents from the list below


The follow details will be required for registration:
School Name
School Address
Details of contact teacher (project facilitator)
Email Address
Phone Number
Team Name
Team members (4-6 students)
Issue/Project/Idea (up to 100 words)
It is important to note that this is a limited capacity program. We will confirm whether your application has been successful by Friday, 1 March 2019.

Registrations for the Make Change Happen Project can be done at the following link

Student Action

Examples from the Brimbank Young Researchers in School Program 2018