teamBenefits of joining SEV

Joining Social Education Victoria is the best way for teachers of civics, politics and sociology to connect to our incredible community of passionate educators, expert professional learning and lots more.

Discounts on professional learning 

SEV offers a range of professional learning events and associated resources throughout the year, including:

  • welcome workshops
  • welcome packs
  • annual VCE Conference
  • live discussion amongst teachers
  • trial exams
  • exam revision seminars for teachers
  • student exam revision lectures
  • various other standalone events focused on particular case studies and skills.

SEV membership provides a 33% discount on registration for our professional learning events and paid resources. Schools with a standard membership who have at least one teacher register for our implementation seminar recordings, our annual conference, trial exam and our teacher exam revision events save more via their discount than the cost of their membership fee.

Development of textbooks and other resources

Financial membership also supports the development of our VCE textbooks, which are the crucial resource we produce for students of VCE Sociology and VCE Politics. Apart from the print editions, we are dedicated to improving and expanding the suite of online resources and supplements associated with each of these texts, including expanding the number of case studies available to students and teachers.

We also produce a professional journal for our members, Ethos, which covers a range of topics and discussions across humanities education.

We also provide support and expert advice on the implementation of curriculum, including Civics and Citizenship (3–10), VCE Sociology and VCE Politics (11–12).

Representing and emphasising the importance teachers' work to decision-makers

SEV also advocates on behalf of humanities teachers and students, and to advance the cause of humanities education more generally. This includes our work on statewide/curriculum committees, national and international forums and through affiliate membership with the Council of Professional Learning Associations of Victoria (CPTAV), Social and Citizenship Education Association of Australia (SCEAA), and The Australian Sociological Association (TASA).

All members of Social Education Victoria are encouraged to participate and support our work, and each other. This can take a variety of forms:

  • nominating to help guide our decision-making by participating in our regular meetings, including serving on our committee, subcommittees, or as a member of our executive
  • participating in the production of resources for other teachers
  • presenting or facilitating at professional learning events.

If you like the cut of our jib and would like to become a member and support our work, click here.