Social Education Victoria produces a series of core textbooks and digital resources to support students in VCE Politics and VCE Sociology streams. All resources use contemporary case studies, sample questions and answers as well as many learning activities.

These texts address all key knowledge areas of each subjects' study design, and are used widely in classrooms across the Victoria. They have been written with teams of teachers experiences with each study, and include contemporary case studies, key concepts and activities to scafflod essential skills to help students thrive. They are written with both students and teachers in mind, with a pedagogical approach that emphasises mastering key concepts.

New study designs

New study designs commence for both of our VCE subjects from 2024. Unlike VCE Sociology, the implementation of the Year 12 component of the new 'VCE Politics' course will be staggered by one year, and will not be delivered in Year 12 classes until 2025. Therefore, the VCE Global Politics textbook will still be current for the 2024 school year (scroll down for details).

We're in the thick of producing new titles for each of these subjects – see below for details. 

   Download sample pages – VCE Politics Units 1 and 2 [1.1: Power and national political actors]

   Download sample pages – VCE Sociology Units 1 and 2 [1.1: Youth]

   Download sample pages VCE Sociology Units 3 and 4 [3.1: Australian First Nations cultures]

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Previous study designs

See below for details of our current and outgoing titles.

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*Teachers of VCE Sociology may also find the Year 12 Sociology Teachers' Guide a useful companion to the Sociology 3&4 textbook.

*Teachers and students of VCE Australian Politics can purchase our Australian Politics 3+4 'student survival pack' – available as an eBook here.

Most SEV textbooks are available for pre-order from your local textbook supplier.

SEV does not supply free copies of textbooks for teachers. Instead, we offer a 10 percent discount for direct bulk orders (i.e. more than 10 copies) for non-booksellers, along with our standard wholesale discount to booksellers.