Resources for teaching new study designs

New and returning teachers of VCE Sociology and VCE Politics have a range of options available to help them prepare:

  • Our new textbooks are available from booksellers. If you’re teaching VCE Sociology or VCE Politics and don’t have a copy, now’s the time to get your hands on one – this is the most important resource we can provide you in the early stages of these new study design.
    Note our sales model doesn’t allow for gratis teacher copies (we offer bulk discounts instead – learn more here).

    Each copy includes access to an online resource library. For Politics ½ teachers, this includes a key concepts primer and additional case study options for AoS 1.2 (genocide – we’ll let you know when it’s been added) and 2.2 (sovereignty and the national interest).

  • We strongly recommend purchasing a discounted pack of recordings and resources from our Implementation seminars held in December if you weren’t able to attend. These are available here: 

  • There are various discussion groups for teachers of our subjects on Facebook, which are a great place to ask questions or share intel:

Teachers of VCE Politics (1+2)

Teachers of VCE Global Politics (3+4)

Teachers of VCE Sociology

VCE Sociology Teachers Discussion Group

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