Resource drive


We’re putting a general call-out to all teachers of our subjects for de-identified resources (be they lesson plans, classroom activities, worksheets, case-study walkthroughs) that they’ve developed in the course of teaching that can be shared as part of the free-to-register resource library we’re developing for our website.

We’re happy to report that enrolments for VCE Sociology and VCE Politics are growing, which means that we have a significant influx of new teachers of these subjects coming online towards the end of the study design for each stream. Our greatest strength as a community is our ability to support each other and develop our disciplines; sharing your resources is an important way you can lend a hand and help ease the stresses of those first few years in the classroom.

In line with DET policies, we can’t remunerate for teaching resources developed by teachers in the course of their work – but we can credit you (and help with formatting your resources, where useful).

If you have anything you think might be of value to other teachers that you’re happy to share, please contact us.

We’ll continue to accept submissions of interest for developing paid resources and delivering professional learning (see here for more details).